Information for users

You can select languages via 'Edit' -> 'Preferences'. Click the 'Language' icon, select the language of your choice and restart Task Coach.

Currently, Task Coach is available in these languages (though some translations are incomplete):

ArabicBasqueBelarusianBosnianBretonBulgarianCatalanChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)
CzechDanishDutchEnglish (AU)English (CA)English (GB)EsperantoEstonianFinnish
FrenchGalicianGermanGerman (Low)GreekHebrewHindiHungarianIndonesian
ItalianJapaneseKoreanLatvianLithuanianMarathiMongolianNorwegian (Bokmal)Norwegian (Nynorsk)
OccitanPapiamentoPersianPolishPortuguesePortuguese (Brazilian)RomanianRussianSlovak

Instructions for translators

We would welcome translations in additional languages. Please be aware that, next to providing the initial translation, you will be expected to keep your translation up to date as new versions of Task Coach are released.

A Yahoo!Groups mailing list is available for discussing the development and translation of Task Coach. You can join by sending mail to or alternatively, if you have a Yahoo id (or don't mind creating one), join via the webinterface.

To create a new translation or update an existing translation, please follow these steps and guidelines:

  1. Register at Launchpad and don't forget to set your preferred languages, i.e. the language(s) you want to translate to.
  2. Learn more about translation support by Launchpad.
  3. Go to Task Coach at Launchpad and click "Help translate".
  4. Start contributing to an existing translation or create a new one.
  5. Note Please make sure you understand how Python string formatting works since Task Coach uses both the regular %s type of string formatting as well as the mapping key form %(mapping_key)s (note the trailing s; it shouldn't be removed). If string formatting is used in the English version of a string, the same formatting should occur in the translated string. In addition, formatting of the form %s needs to be in the same order in the translated string as it is in the English version. Formatting in the form %(mapping_key)s can be ordered differently in the translated string than in the English version.
  6. Warning Don't translate the string formatting keys: e.g. when you see %(name)s, don't translate the word name.
  7. Don't translate keyboard shortcuts: e.g. when you see Shift+Ctrl+V, don't translate the words Shift and Ctrl, even if your keyboard uses different labels for those keys. Picking a different letter is possible, but please make sure each letter is used only once.
  8. To test your translation, download it as .po file from Launchpad and start Task Coach with the --po <po file> command line option.