Release 1.4.4 January ??, 2016

This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.

Bug fixed:
  • TaskCoach would not start on Fedora 23 using LXDE. This probably concerns other distributions as well.
Features added:
  • Per-task effort total time consolidation, patch provided by
  • Add a viewer for task dependencies based on igraph (contributed by Matthias Tafelmeier)
Dependency changed:
  • Task Coach now uses Marcurial for version control. This only affects you if you want to develop or use Task Coach source code.

Release 1.4.3 January 31, 2016

This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Fix excessive CPU usage on Linux when smart filesystem monitoring is enabled.
  • Fix attachment opening on some Linux distros. (1613)
Features added:
  • Finnish translation fixed and enabled.
  • The shortcut to delete tasks is now Ctrl+DEL instead of just DEL.

Release 1.4.2 January 31, 2015

This is a bugfix release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Also avoid locking in an ownCloud folder.
  • Avoid a crash when files with badly encoded names are in the same directory as the task file.
  • Avoid data loss in some rare situations

Release 1.4.1 September 14, 2014

This is a bugfix release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Increase taskbar icon size on Linux to avoid dead places. (1536)
  • Display time spent in decimal format in task viewer if the option is set. (1534)
  • Fix todo.txt export when dates have a year < 1900 (1541)
  • Avoid locking in Dropbox folder on Windows. (1540)
  • Backup and save would fail if the path to the user's home contained a non-ASCII character (1547, 1546)
  • Fix stop effort tooltip. (1537)

Release 1.4.0 July 3, 2014

This is a major feature release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Fix tooltips on notes. (1525)
  • Fix sort order indication in viewer columns. (1527)
  • Don't crash at startup if the locale is not supported. (1528)
Features added:

Release 1.3.41 June 22, 2014

This is a mixed bugfix and feature release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Fix a crash at startup on Linux when using some window managers that don't set the SESSION_MANAGER environment variable.
  • Bring back effort tooltips.
  • Fix positionning of baloon tips when moving the window from one display to another. (1522)
  • Fix for non-ASCII e-mail subjects without encoding specification (1523)
Feature added:
  • Bring back the option to disable tooltips.

Release 1.3.40 May 25, 2014

This is a mixed bugfix and feature release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Remove a debug trace in DnD code.
  • "Effort for one task" becomes "Effort for selected task(s)" (1474, 1520)
  • Fix an occasional "AlreadyCalledError" when iPhone sync is enabled.
Feature added:
  • Add an "add note to selected task" button in the task toolbar; patch from Manab Chetia

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